Saturday, July 11, 2009

no news is...good news?

Without a major national story breaking this week (B&A Show believes this may be a result of the vacuum left by the Jackson Memorial, which sucked all the intelligence and will to live out of our nation's fine reporting pool when it ended) the Bob and Abe Show is left without a lead!

Instead, we'll be doing a quick rundown of the week's headlines, with just a couple of minutes of hilarious insights on each. This got us thinking, and even though it's last second notice, do you have any headlines you'd like to hear our thoughts on? Just comment on this post or send us an e-mail with the link attached one way or another, and we'll check it out, and probably include it in the show.

Hurry up! Let us know!

Some things already on our plate:

Obama says the stimulus is working! Be patient!


Now Russia wants a global currency, too.

Don't forget about swine flu! Be scared! Stay scared, dammit!


  1. Go see Bruno. Holy shit. You have to see it and talk about it on your show.

    I still haven't stopped giggling...

  2. I am watching Bruno tonight. I heard it's a little over the top. Should be interesting.


  3. Augie, you are a disgusting creepy homophobe. Or, you are gay, because you liked looking at so many penises/gay sex.

    I think Russia is always a fun topic, or anything eastern europey.

    But you know what I really think you should talk about? That "Neda" person in Iran. I am pretty much 100% sure she isn't an actual person. Maybe talk about that.

    Or, because I am watching 16 and pregnant, maybe you should talk about teen pregnancy. That is always a fun, feel good topic.

    Well, teen pregnancy...and ebola.

  4. wait a minute... weren't Uighurs a big deal this week?!?

    That incorporates both a major world religion (I know how much you guys love those) AND (basically) Central Asia.


  5. Hah! See, bob and abe, Bruno is the perfect topic! Look how upset people get over penises and gay sex in this country...

    The idiot's comment above exemplifies the puritanical fascism/moralistic bigotry that prevades american culture. Sacha is a damn hero in the fight to expose this for it is: ignorant and hypocritical.

    Also, there's something very satisfying about the thought of bigots having to confront their deep insecurities/fears. Let thy hatred flow through you!!!! You fucking twat! ;)

  6. kids! play nice! I can assure the both of you that the lack of the subtleties of tone is the reason for the name calling. I'm pretty sure you have equally tolerant and progressive-minded views of them fag-types.


  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I think probably if Augie had realized who "this is not a joke" is he would have realized that my comment was, in fact, a joke.

    See! Calling people gay is HILARIOUS!

  9. yeah we just told him. he feels like a total douche. i thought the fact that you called him "augie" and "homophobic" and "gay" all in the same sentence might be a clue that what you (Julia) said was a joke. meanwhile it's hilarious for me (Lori)

  10. I wouldn't say I feel like a TOTAL douche. Half-douche, surely. Because, while I stand by my point, I regret directing my venom at dear sweet, sarcastic julia.

    May we have many more questionably sincere, ad hominem exchanges of love and accord.