Friday, February 5, 2010

White people are stupid...

and here are the commercials to prove it.

On today's episode of The Bob and Abe Show, the guys are discussing a theory that Bob has developed about the way people of different races and genders are consistently portrayed by corporate America in the commercials they use to sell their products. Below are links to a few of the commercials they discuss.

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The AT&T commercial that really seals the deal for Bob.

Abe's favorite home security commercial. Another example here. And here.

Progressive loves to emasculate men.

Dr. Dre is cooler than the white DJ.

White dude loves beer, but can't commit to his girl.
And here.

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  1. The basic thesis:

    If there are a number of people in a commercial, and one of them is acting stupidly, that stupid person will be a man. Further, if there are multiple races among these people, the stupid person will be a white man.

    If there are a number of people in a commercial, and one of them is shown to be subjugate or otherwise "less than" the others, the inferior person will be a man, and, if there are multiple races, a white man.

    Men will shown to be consistently misogynistic, chauvinistic, or stupid. Furthermore, women will be in control, often emasculating the men.

    Always remember the simple axiom: Whoever represents the traditional male patriarchy in any given commercial will be shown to be powerless, stupid, or bad.


  2. Bob,

    I haven't even listened to the entire show yet (because of the shitstormsnowstorm that set my B&AShow listening into a tailspin) but from what I have heard I agree with you 100%!

    Two things. "mama's got the power of clorox" Why? Is dad too dumb? Is women's only role to do the laundry?

    Valentines or Xmas commercials where guys buy jewelery because 1) they are too dumb to figure anything else out or 2) women are too vacant to want anything else.

    -Your Number one Fan!!