Monday, April 12, 2010

Scott Garrett--you're going down!

Today on the show, Bob and Abe debuted their hot new segment But my Congressmen is all right, I mean, he's not like all----No! Fuck no don't vote for that guy he's a dirtbag politician like all the rest oh God don't vote for that guy! Listen to it here.

First on the hit-list (metaphoric) is Scott Garrett, the congressman from New Jersey's 5th district. While he seems to sort of understand that the United States is heading for financial insolvency--assuming we're not already there, of course--it hasn't stopped him from voting to make the USA PATRIOT act a permanent fixture of American life, sucking up as many federal pork dollars as he can get his greasy little fingers on, and hiring banking lobbyists to work on his Congressional staff. He's a politician, and that should be enough to replace him.

If that's not enough, he's also voted to amend the Constitution to make desecration of the US flag illegal, because apparently he does not believe in the fundamental concept of freedom of speech, thought, and expression. He also supports a Constitutional amendment that would validate and institutionalize his homophobia and hatred of homosexuals, wanting to federally define marriage as that between one man and one woman. I'll say it again: he wants to change the founding document of our nation so that it defines marriage to his liking. He thus does not believe in the foundational principles of this country, and has failed to do his sworn duty, which is to protect and support and uphold the Constitution.

Scott Garrett should be replaced. Vote for your neighbor. Vote for Mickey Mouse. Vote for yourself. Just don't vote for Scott Garrett.

More to follow on the remaining 500+ scumbags "serving" us at the federal level.

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